Why do some people always do well in Shanghai Dragon

"version", meaning that no heart, and if not down to have a good attitude to work is very easy to make mistakes problem, a problem, how can you go to the Shanghai dragon

four, mindless

is to sum up some people do not think Xiao Ming Shanghai dragon problem, of course, to write this article to express themselves more, just because usually in Xiao Ming.

two, no patience

, flighty and impetuousIn the words of my hometown is

patience is a necessary quality for Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai dragon is a very time consuming work, there can be no special good effect you optimize tomorrow today, it needs a period of accumulated precipitation, will slowly optimization results show no patience perseverance insist for a long time only to give up halfway. In fact, not only do Shanghai Longfeng, do anything no matter in any industry if you have no patience, what things do well.

every industry each industry elite, three hundred and sixty line ", in any industry will have a number of top-notch and mediocre, Shanghai dragon industry is the same. Do we have any industry is never to be, from will to skilled, from the familiar to experts from experts to master. Some people can do very well, but some people do not always do well, from the same level to start, to the end result between good and bad, it really is because IQ work? People are born smarter than you than you do? It is not such a thing. So why is it that some people never do well in Shanghai dragon? Exactly the place where the problem? This problem is also thought to reflect xiaoming.

this is a lot of people do not common Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai is not what difficult Dragon technology, compared with the high-tech is already regarded as a very simple, written things look two times better understand, you probably know what is going on, so some people blindly what think you will do, but it is not the case, because the theory and practice always have great differences, understand the knowledge of light instead of the actual operation, to the last is still doing well, but also have the people are some very conceited people think you very much, and is actually just a shell.


here is not to say that you are more stupid than others, and the emphasis is to use their brains to think, Shanghai dragon is the technology problem – to – improve the problem in solving problems, if Shanghai Longfeng optimization where there is a problem, you do not think, blindly seek the help of others, because the search engine algorithm continue to adjust, in the course of time, its technology is not improved, still do not Shanghai dragon.


, a high


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