Website optimization need to be cautious not to let the original be right down arch criminal

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no doubt, rich original content website certainly has reason to win the highly favored search engine, but in fact it is not so. This one website optimization experience will only coincide with the content of perception, theme of the site, its advantage to play out. Or that the web site at least 80% of the original content is around the site theme, the optimization effect will play to the best condition. For example, a website construction company website, the website of the vast majority of the content should focus on website construction and website production, even if fully consistent with the theme, and website construction should also be related, such as domain host, even to talk about the user experience of the website etc..

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content is king of the era, specializing in website optimization must feel the same way. Although in the website optimization process, the link is very important but the original advantage is slowly highlights. Because the contents of the search engine is the soul of a website design beautiful but if the lack of the necessary content, search engine will not in any case of love. But from the user’s point of view, valuable content is the key factor to win the favor. But I found that although many people aware of the importance of content and original content, but do not have a deep understanding of the connotation. There are many websites, although there have been updated original content but the weight is still tepid. The author believes that the original content is actually more like a double-edged sword, good use effect is better, if the contents of the original lack of skill and oversight section, is likely to become the arch-criminal website right down.

content to be consistent with the theme of the web site? The author believes that it should first understand what is the theme of the site, and the site where a concentrated expression of the theme of the site. The theme is the soul of the website, the website is a concentrated display demands. The theme of the site is generally reflect the local, site title, keyword (TITLE) website (KEYWORDS), the content of the website description (DEscriptION), and the content of the text of the title, content description etc.. For example, if the optimization target of a website is to let the words "Shanghai site construction" in Google ranked the top three, then you need to focus on the words "Shanghai site construction" to write the article.

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original content is more and more obvious, but there are also some disharmony phenomenon, which is one of the original artifacts. There are a lot of pseudo original, the most senior is the core idea of pseudo original others of the article, then use your own words. And the lowest false original is to adjust the paragraph order, replace some words, inside the contents of the article, after a pseudo original software to achieve the most. Not everyone can write the word sentence Li’s article, and pseudo original or not, I want to say is, even if the original is false to more full of original traces. That simple.

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