King glory hand travel product analysis report the rise of the king of glory the outcome is so simp

operation: touch and touch remote sensing

believe that offer friends should not be strange to LEAD, in fact, it’s not what the big difference, are registered, but obviously do LEAD want to earn more than offer, because Lead is going to union to apply for accounts, then put ads on their sites, while the offer is to be registered station to complete the task, you are to others to make money, just to get the commission. So before doing LEAD what we want to do the preparatory work? How can we do the same month as master LEAD earn thousands of dollars? Wangzhuan classic article nets to carefully explain their own a little experience and absorb them from the LEAD master experience there.

experience time: 2017.3.25

product type: MOBA class multiplayer online sports hand travel

charging mode: sale volume, in exchange for the hero, skin and other props to

fair play, not to develop, without physical strength, depending on technology to decide the outcome;

According to the

palm economy, at any time open black, hundreds of millions of players match.

Product Description: "king of glory" is the world’s first 5V5 war hero fair contains 5V5 Mobile Games, King Canyon including fog mode, 5V5 3V3, and the abyss of chaos, 1V1 diversity mode, but there are many heroes can choose, ride, push up soldiers, five killed, the battle group can experience. Game time is short, test personal operation and team cooperation ability, not to cultivate and physical value setting, with technical decision victory or defeat.

support platform: IOS/, Android,

opens anytime, 10 minutes is cool;

Product Name: King glory


three, a page of up to three ads, must use Europe and America agent brush flow, according to the league’s EPC requirements, their calculation brush how much traffic and click. As long as it does not exceed CTR and EPC requirements. To do the task, must use super American agent, every time after a Lead, remember to clear cookies, replace IP. And every time you fill in the information, including the person name, address, Email, can not be repeated. A task should not be repeated many times.

product positioning: Based on WeChat, social relations chain based on the MOBA class hand travel

in fact, the most important thing to do LEAD, to find a good independent resources, this is the essence. As to how to find LEAD resources, use the USA proxy or VPN to login to www.shlf1314, and then use the words related to affiliates, LEAD and so on

two, apply for the account to be used when the United States IP, Lead alliance to fill in the application of registration data and your domain information to be consistent, all the information to fill in the application Lead, including SSN, must remember, when the fax form W-9 to fill in your application and Lead company information.

system version: 6.0.1MXB48T

makes English Web sites – – – – – – – apply for LEAD – get advertising code – – put advertising code on your website — start making LEAD money. The following is the basic process of doing LEAD, but in this process there are many points must be mastered, and I will write these skills in detail, so that we can do LEAD, detours.

, document overview and analysis purposes

two, product brief

App version:

products logo:

experience models: millet MIX

as the "king of glory" launch time for the third quarter of 2015, so we first focus on analysis of the market situation at that time.

, a domain name space to foreign websites to buy, because the LEAD company website whois domain name must be in the United States or Canada registered name and address information, the location of the server will need to be in the United States or canada. In the content of the website, some web content can be copied abroad, but very focused on foreign copyright, such as you have to do the insurance website, then find a few more insurance websites, their contents together, and then find a not insurance website template, the content added, this is not it is easy to find plagiarism, easily through shenhe. But you can also pay someone to help you with an English language station.

three, market analysis,

understands the product strategy, product function and product performance of "King glory", and

5V5 classic maps, three channel tower, showing the most authentic experience of war;

analysis of "King glory" success reasons and corresponding strategies.

understand the competitive situation and development direction of hand travel market;

product features:

AI media consulting released "2015Q3 China mobile phone game market quarterly monitoring report" shows that as of 2015Q3, Chinese Mobile Games users reached 497 million, an increase of 1.2%, growth continued to slow down, mobile phone game user scale has gradually peaked. Actually, >

products, slogan:5V5 heroes, fair fighting, hand travel,

analysis objective:

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