Ma Huateng to entrepreneurs suggestions industry cross border opportunitiesVery little investment t

TechWeb reported on July 20th news, before attending a business platform for the establishment of the ceremony, the board of directors of the Tencent chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng suggested that young entrepreneurs should pay attention to the two cross industry, "an industry has been done for a long time, is already one of the Red Sea, we now see with new technology in two a cross industry part is often the most likely born innovation opportunities, it is a blue ocean".

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

very little investment, my development is like this ~ I am a movie station

and then to each big BBS propaganda effect is very good although you are using a thief or post acquisition film but at present users most will not judge you whether the site has its own server and only see your film a day update how many post find something a little faster so that you can get up is the popular website: 500 movie site but people all post IP and is ranked in the movie. "

a flow to put some mobile phone MMS click on KOOXOO ete.kooxoo registration for     union.a8; www.lele union.7town    MMS; mobile phone registered on the network to find their own many things now that SMS is not good to do but I have experience in     your daily update site propaganda film for at least a month there are 500 yuan of income Human effort is the decisive factor.

The development of

with the server must have a program I can carry ASP+ACC film program to generate HTML and CBF001 is of course to buy the program because I want to change a friend in need can contact me

have procedures to rent a 800 yuan WEB online a lot of the company all the machines I have put in his stable speed than AD    online two I know better khuong open server     www.zjserver are opened and the speed of service reputation very good price is ideal for    There is a

, he also took the Supercell company for example, Tencent has just acquired the controlling stake in Finland’s largest mobile game company Supercell. The company, valued at more than $10 billion, has only 180 employees. Ma Huateng believes that Finland has only about 5000000 people, less than Hongkong, can give birth to so large science and technology enterprises, it is because they use the global cloud technology and service outsourcing, so that they can be concentrated on the core of the creative part. Wang Kaka

Ma Huateng to entrepreneurs suggestions: industry cross-border opportunities


Ma Huateng himself was also an entrepreneur, he led the growth of Tencent from Shenzhen had a small company into China today’s Internet giant, along the way, he for the start of the difficult process of deep experience, "the history of the Tencent also is such, then do not I understand the Internet communication, Internet I did not understand the communication, so I started at , now including WeChat." Ma Huateng said, "that’s the point of catching a crossing."."

now faces the entrepreneurial environment and the original Ma Huateng is not the same, he also suggested that today’s entrepreneurs, we must learn to use the global Internet and mature technology platform, he said, the world has a good cloud, social networks, such as electronic business platform, there are a number of domestic Tencent to provide infrastructure services the company. Entrepreneurs can use the platform to help themselves and concentrate their efforts on the "pain point"".

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