How to solve the six major bottlenecks in local community development of Shanghai Dragon


the first major bottleneck: love Shanghai not included in your site, this would often make many webmaster at the railway station, scorched by the flames, through a variety of methods to the website submitted to the search engine, but always find love Shanghai completely indifferent to your website, so a week, half a month still, you must just like ants on a hot pan, because we included new love in the impression of Shanghai speed is relatively fast, but now the love of Shanghai has been adjusted to the new algorithm, extend the period of new sites, so when your site is not included when we don’t have to be so nervous. At this point you should still strengthen your site to update, still go to their website to do the construction of the chain, just wait a few days, as long as you persist in a few days, the website is in One day in Shanghai to be loved by, when you will have to break the first bottleneck of the community website

third major bottlenecks: on the site after normal operation, you will find that your website is little, which makes it hard for others to find your site, so this time should be as much as possible to update the content, let love Shanghai as much as possible included your site article, but every day is to write so many original articles it makes us these Adsense headache, we would feel natural to develop their own community mentally and physically exhausted, the site also creates a bottleneck, in fact, break the bottleneck of the difficulty is not great, it is not to write a lot of the original article is difficult to do, then you can point to a pseudo original, even collection some high quality articles can be a few days later, I believe you will find your site included quantity slowly began to rise, you will feel that cracked the bottleneck > at this time


second bottlenecks: the site is included after you love Shanghai to brief pleasure in taste, you will find another problem comes, it is the home page of the snapshot from time to time to update, even nearly a month is not updated, while the mood you estimate will be to the freezing point. But as long as you are still fighting, still has a strong executive power, in order to break the bottleneck of this layer is not difficult, as long as you stick to the first scheme, the daily update of high quality original articles, outside the chain, every day to send high quality trust yourself, you will find that you will there are surprises in the next few days, the original love Shanghai snapshot not update, now began to change, basically can achieve the effect of the update


is currently the main force of individual owners of local community construction, and future local community is the future trend of development, because the local website operation cost is much lower, usually only need a few people to manage, and make money effects are very attractive. But the local community website, but not everyone has money to earn, but to operation good local community website will encounter a lot of twists and turns, do at least to break the six major bottlenecks of the road to success, to know the breakthrough six bottlenecks of difficulty is very high, under the combination of my experience with we talk about how to break through the six big bottleneck of

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