Let love Shanghai mall site optimization techniques included page

In all of the

we look at three common to all B2B sites with

three: the head of the page, navigation, the bottom three is exactly the same.

we know, love Shanghai for content recognition of text types included the fastest, the fastest, then we need to work on in the product description, product description must be detailed, the properties of the products are all written to understand, so there are two advantages, one: to love Shanghai included; second: to the user experience. Avoid the use of "better quality" and "credit guarantee" and other words, the best description of the contents of each product across more than 300 words, if it is not so much information can be written, we can also find related products to buyers evaluation on Taobao, the evaluation after finishing the cloth to the ShangCheng Railway Station B2B comments. This can also reduce page similarity.

1, product display pictures in the premise of the quality of the as small as possible, to save the time saved as GIF format file size is much smaller than the JPG format to. 2, in the code indicate the size of the image information, which is long and wide. 3, we must specify the meaning of the expression for the picture, namely the ALT attribute. To facilitate the identification of spiders love Shanghai. (known as the

we know, love Shanghai for pictures in the present technology premise also can not be identified, so mall site in the picture are part of the

two high similarity

Now we information at the bottom of the page.

for more than three points to B2B web page optimization new, let love Shanghai included our product page, or step by step


basically every B2B mall site are listed at the bottom of a lot of help such information, such as our socks wholesale website to view the original code, we can see that this part accounted for a large part, if we can put this part into an image, pointing to a help directory page with picture, so it will greatly reduce the same code components, reduces the page from the page >

two: product description optimization

three: optimization of

: a mall website mainly by the pictures


is a product of the store is related, between the product and the product description is very similar, and made little difference, which resulted in a high similarity station page.

clothing website)

: image optimization

cannot read the love of spiders in ShanghaiProduct Description:

website, enterprise website is relatively good optimization, and recognized the B2B website are difficult to optimize, generally B2B website love Shanghai collected is not high, this is why? Today talk about B2B mall Ba Lai (such as socks wholesale website) how to solve the Shanghai dragon page optimization skills love, to solve the Shanghai collection difficult, included less problems.

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