Medical websites exchange some misunderstanding in Links


2, the other can not access the site or problems immediately under

N many people in exchange links when they love to use "painless" "infertility" such as super popular keywords as their website link exchange words, not knowing this keyword actually is ineffective, imagine a month before the establishment of new sites, 100 sites are not included they want impact of such close >

this is a recurring problem, although when exchanging links from both sides have agreed to have what change timely notice, but there are still many links in exchange once when the website of the other side can not access or website problems cannot be displayed immediately to remove the link to each other; in fact, it is very desirable in fact, search engines are more concerned about the stability of the link, just think, if a person often for friends; it is not reliable. The link is the same, if found each other can not access the site, may wish to contact each other and see what the situation is, if unable to contact the may wish to observe a few days to make a decision, the long-term stability of the link is the search engine favorite, of course, if your site is a serious drop right, such as: pulled hair, included sharply reduce, then you should not hesitate to remove; and we should keep a distance with friends.

3, excessive use of popular keywords do link

as everyone knows, the medical industry network competition is very intense, the daily work of the Links exchange is also a large number of Shanghai dragon Er, Links as the social reality as a knowledge, has a wide range and high quality connections to be successful. I in recent years medical optimization also summarizes a few aspects of Links exchange small mistakes; the following are my income through long-term practice, of course not only the medical industry, can also be applied to other sectors of the link exchange; of course, only my personal point of view, can not guarantee completely suitable for your site.

a lot of people in the exchange links have repeatedly stressed that only for the XX type, such as a gynecological type, only for men, and even some more refinement to the disease, such as: only for people, only for infertility and so on; of course, they do so at the beginning of the contact, but then slowly the discovery of this effect is not ideal, in fact, if a site in the Links keep completely different type of 20%~30% and the link to the site but can achieve better results, we should be more concerned should be the other site weight, such as: included, snapshots, keywords ranking, the chain and so on; just like our ordinary life friends, do you know the good friends in various circles (high weight website) more and more of you more help, of course, we still have to Our friends from the same industry and other industries as good friends.

1, only the exchange with the same type of website links

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