Don’t worry about how a new Adsense way no friends

often see these anxious questions, I couldn’t help but think about the Tang Dynasty poet Gao Shi of the classic song "don’t Dong" (one):


today, in the network industries, intense competition to kill bursts of sound when, in Cai Wensheng’s "personal webmaster (gold) in our times, (2005) the first time in stationmaster Congress ended" predictions become cruel reality, like Dong, which officially embarked on their the website operation way new webmaster, also faces the same as Dong "way no friends" dilemma, how they want their website as soon as possible "do not worry about the way no friends"


, these new Adsense anxious mood is understandable. Even the new station in the hope of Shanghai dragon means to achieve their "don’t worry about the way no friends" is the idea of no ground for blame. Because so far, the search engine marketing or the majority of small and medium-sized website promotion the most effective way.

!Like fast included? "

so, more new Adsense website planning from the beginning to take into account every detail of Shanghai dragon, such as domain name space, site tree structure, such as through the website of choice domain and domain name standard pseudo static web pages and reduce duplicate content 404 pages, web page of every detail do not pull down.


must be pointed out that the Shanghai dragon should do, and should be good, but not the Shanghai dragon think too simplistic, especially not the site of Shanghai dragon as the whole website promotion, "the only way to worry about the way no friends to.

wind, sand Trinidad, clouds, snow, the poet farewell stunt but underappreciated master Dong (Dong Tinglan), in the desolate cold, high fitness by farewell blessing friends achieve success and win recognition.

we cannot expect, through some simple methods to achieve the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, Google fast included, website keyword search engine ranking rose rapidly, from these keywords to search traffic increased significantly. This idea is not only too wishful thinking, and hope to the website of Shanghai Longfeng technique, website search engine automatically once and for all, every day to bring more search traffic, no longer need to master hard and long website brand "

Trinidad Huang Yun day since1949,

anteriormo Chou no friends,

everyone knows you in the world".

many new owners ask anxiously in love and know Shanghai well-known webmaster forum: new website optimization how to do just good? "," what is love new website Shanghai

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