The enterprise website to obtain the high conversion rate must depend on the landing page and page f

3, a clear flow page center, is to allow users to buy or expand the brand. You want users to buy and expand the brand is not the same, the apple mobile phone in China just a few years it was occupied by the Chinese people’s heart, and apple mobile phone in the early marketing point of view is to expand the brand, it is not only the sales promotion, it is not only the mobilization of sales. This is the apple mobile phone in the early stage of the connotation of enterprise website page flow should be thinking about is that it requires the user to immediately buy it or require users to continuously carry out publicity, "

enhances the enterprise flow page conversion rate is the core of enterprise website, the enterprise has the facade we have to think the facade of resources into the enterprise’s profit resource, and this involves how to build the enterprise flow page high conversion rate, high conversion rate below build enterprise flow with a talk page.


each user to access the site first should see the landing page, enter the page and then through the flow of enterprise enterprise products, enterprise culture, enterprise quality, brand and so on information gradually, but this time it requires the landing page of enterprises and the corresponding page flow to 11, don’t let the enterprise landing page. Is a watch into the flow pages are selling cars, this will break the heart of the user.

an article from the enterprise must pay attention to the landing page to talk about some methods to improve the enterprise landing page conversion rate, for an enterprise to improve the landing page equivalent to open a business facade, this is like a hotel has a very nice platform, but this time the hotel needs to continue to promote let more people into the door, and this is the business flow, under the enterprise flow page support to keep the website conversion rate, so as to promote the overall development of the website.

1, relying on the landing page, good corporate brand page flow. The landing page and page flow are complementary, as we do in a tower site, there are many types of crane landing pages, and our traffic page to do a full explanation according to these models, this model has a 10 ton in the landing page, the page will flow and we around 10 tonnage introduces its advantages, disadvantages and price information, the only way to let users more in-depth for the next step.

, enterprises rely on the landing page and landing page corresponding to improve the flow of

2, relying on the landing page pictures, good corporate product attractiveness. The landing page may have some promotional pictures, users are attracted by the pictures, this time the enterprise flow to expand their page flow page according to the user to be attracted by the thinking, finally let users willing to pay, I will give you a very simple example: why millet mobile phone to be able to lead in addition to marketing outside of panic buying, also lies in its flow page attraction, let users willing to pay is the core idea of enterprise website, or you make an ordinary page to try to see if the user is willing to buy

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