6 the unspoken rule of Shanghai Dragon

three: optimization of appropriate, do not spread

optimization before you want which keywords ranking to improve, to find the target, an antidote against the disease

A unremittingly!

site of the basic information including the site of the title, description, keywords, these things first, the final three days, not small change, a big change on Monday, this is very bad! Search engine because you changed too frequently, will resent you, so Shanghai Longfeng information settings like don’t change disposable! Written, behind the work is to update

the biggest taboo is the frequent direct copy of something else, as a consequence, in case someone discovered that K on your site, then you will be sad, this.

stars have their unspoken rule, you want to, want to win, it would have to pay ah, of course the Shanghai dragon is certainly not the unspoken rule, but want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng words, it must comply with some unspoken rule of Shanghai dragon, so that you do with

! !

station, the most important is to optimize your keywords, the keywords to get the most straightforward traffic from search engines, so you have to do is to optimize your keywords, but avoid excessive optimization, keyword density is not too big, try to rain five percent best! Who can increase the density of keywords overlap the method of search engine is the most taboo, so don’t follow

four: site of Shanghai Longfeng information, do not frequently change

two: optimization can not be impatient, you need


optimize your website or blog, is a long-term process, can not adhere to the ten days the effect is not obvious and upset, give up the idea of moving, originally Shanghai dragon is not a day for two days can be achieved, so you need to unremittingly, every day the chain stable, original update stability the optimization of

! is the best! Are you going to optimize which keywords to identify their target Shanghai dragon!

six: do not frequent piracy others

in Shanghai Longfeng circle, everyone knows that "content is king, the chain for emperor", so the chain’s view is important, for a web site, you want to make a web site rankings, it must pay attention to the construction of the chain of their own, the most important is, the chain must have quality. If the chain release has just been included was deleted, so the search engine is not friendly, so outside the chain of high quality, it is the original type, even thank you for your understanding of life, just copy and paste, and then look at others to delete moderately good ha! Use the tool chain, outside the chain of tools can refer to my top navigation page

: optimization before determine their target

five: the number of the chain do not pay attention to the quality of the chain, you

Shanghai dragon The

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