Google wallet was found loopholes user identification code can be cracked

is Google wallet vulnerability information security company zvelo senior engineer Qiaoxiuer · Lubin (Joshua Rubin) found. Lubin has developed a Wallet Cracker jailbreak application, he said the application can obtain the required open Google wallet application four PIN code. Through his video show the specific process to the people in the blog.

Consumers in the

South Carolina also suggested that Google wallet installed people not to be obtained in the Root permissions on the device, to set a password lock screen to add a layer of protection.

Sprint has yet to respond.

Google wallet

checkout terminal waved his mobile phone payment can be, without the need to use a credit card. The mobile payment service launched in Japan and other countries have already, but it is just emerging in the United states. Google wallet service has launched mobile phone sales in Sprint.

February 11th news, according to Reuters, security researchers found that Google wallet there is a loophole, but professionals said that hackers are just theoretically able to break through the application to exploit the vulnerability, in order to obtain the required open four PIN Google wallet application (personal identification code) code.

Verizon Wireless, AT& T and T-Mobile; the United States had created a joint mobile payment company Isis NFC. The company will launch a product to compete with Google wallet, but the product specific launch date has not been announced.

but he said, if a hacker can steal the user’s mobile phone, it is theoretically possible to exploit this. Shah pointed out that the hacker takes time to install the jailbreak application, and another.

Lubin said he has found his told Google, Google responded to confirm this issue, and agreed to quickly solve the problem. Google spokesman Jay · South Carolina (Jay Nancarrow) said in an e-mailed statement, "we are trying to solve this problem." He also questioned Lubin’s survey said, "zvelo’s research is carried out in their own mobile phone, through Root access, they closed the security protection mechanism of Google wallet."

security software company McAfee security researcher Jimmy · Shah (Jimmy Shah) said on Friday that Google wallet seems to be very difficult for people to use loopholes.

partners include Citigroup and payment network MasterCard. A Citigroup spokesman · Emily (Emily Collins); Corinth said that Citi’s cardholder information is not stored in Google wallet, cardholders have to bear the responsibility for unauthorized transactions.

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