How do users of micro blog search engine optimization

3, the URL contains keywords, sina URL is generally 贵族宝贝weibo贵族宝贝/***

broadcast Search Ranking Ranking; one is according to the time, one is according to heat. Two before the chronological broadcast is a popular radio, behind is contain the keywords of the latest broadcast or broadcast.

radio broadcasting is the default Ranking Ranking, ranked according to the time, the latest release of the micro-blog keyword contains Shanghai dragon will in the front row.

of Shanghai dragon when we search the label, a large part of the audience ranking depends on the number, the first page is hundreds of thousands of listeners, behind more on the less the audience.

keyword is generally in the * * *, ranking in front, when we.

name search is as follows:

by heat is ranked radio coverage and commentary, broadcast and comments ranking.

4, a large number of audience.

2, the nickname contains Shanghai dragon,

3, the authentication data contained in the Shanghai dragon.

Look at the following The default is 2, whether the There are two kinds of

Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog search Shanghai Dragon: name search, search, search, and school unit tag search.

The factors which affect the

1, after the Tencent certification, most of the row in front of the users are certified Tencent.

The chain of Is

in Shanghai Longfeng Tencent micro-blog as an example: Tencent is divided into comprehensive search, search, search, search the user radio tag search with search list.

1, the number of fans, fans of the number of search results ranking occupy a big proportion in the name.

The main influence factors of

name contains keywords, keyword matching with name if completely speak good ranking, names contain the keywords of incomplete matching will be ranked.

recently on the micro-blog rankings are investigated. The sembk motto is no search Shanghai Longfeng, micro-blog as a new marketing platform, focus on micro-blog Shanghai dragon is the future of micro-blog marketing, micro-blog Shanghai Longfeng relative optimization Website Optimization for relatively easy, do micro-blog Shanghai dragon will bring considerable traffic to web site.

first comprehensive search, comprehensive search by the two step of the Soviet Union, on the part of the user’s ranking, the lower part is a broadcast Ranking Ranking is as follows; the user front has a common point:

The We

5, the Tencent’s products. We see Qiushi Tencent certification information first have a wiki profile link, and the cobra love Shanghai encyclopedia.

The lower part of

in the upper right corner of the search box to search Shanghai dragon when the page is as follows:

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