The construction of power station site flying wheel

PS: [before the implementation of this way has many considerations please read "love haisou"

for establishment of the station network strategy. A plastic surgery hospital: a case of sub domain name website www.xxxx贵族宝贝. under the various areas, such as ningbo.xxxx贵族宝贝 (Title: Ningbo plastic surgery hospital, hangzhou.xxxx贵族宝贝 (title): Hangzhou plastic surgery hospital), wenzhou.xxxx贵族宝贝…… Combined with the article page page chain, lifting weights by sub domain, sub domain domain name to the first chain construction. This approach allows to effectively enhance the ZhengZhan weight and greatly enhance the relationship ZhengZhan theme content, for the industry to the long tail word and popular keyword ranking has benefited. For the operation of the chain level is also not too much to explain. After I realized the sketch summary as follows:

, what is the station chain

two domain modeThis method is somewhat similar to

A: the




page – Page ModeThe arrangement way of

as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, have a lot of understanding of the basic concept of sprocket "Shanghai dragon. When the Shanghai dragon group for the sprocket, everybody each one airs his own views. From the blog sprocket, the basic to the station group 100 sprocket; sprocket ring from simple to complex, changeable Pyramid sprocket. Careful webmaster will find, whether it is the network on the chain of academic information, or the webmaster daily discussions are confined to the site of the sprocket, "external sprocket" construction strategy and internal site (i.e. station sprocket) method and realization form of poorly understood. Today Ningbo Shanghai dragon tips to share with you a little of his own "station chain" experience.

to the station such as a personal blog, you can use the 7-10 article do a chain sprocket group through several points to the website, also have the wrong promotion for the website home page or ZhengZhan weight or weight.

keyword anchor text through the station of the page, the article page anchor text to the classification of the genus sub page, and each sub page page. This is the most common way in Shanghai station optimization work has been applied to the dragon, but few people will pay attention to this method is also a form of the station chain wheel, also is suitable for the station.

station is a station relative to the sprocket sprocket concept, through their website internal link resources to provide the right wheel vote help page, the page or ZhengZhan weight lifting. Similar principle and stand outside the chain wheel, in the operation of station stability and convenient operation of the sprocket sprocket is much better than the webmaster.

, two commonly used strategy wheel

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