Talk about what is the Shanghai Dragon

recently suffered two Maas novice webmaster problem attack, ask questions are: why do I love Shanghai’s website is not included ah! Explain many times, still did not understand each other, write this article as it cannot be helped! Because I do not want to write, the front half of a running account, after half of it is Mascherano today want to write, if the guest could not stand, you can skip the first half

so, when not enough weight on the website, please. Tag what the play is good! Otherwise included before adding the

! spider! article!

often do the chain of friends is very understanding of the mechanism, but we are not willing to share

but a lot of people don’t know this, often in an article, put a lot of chain, tag optimal links lead to a page has not included! Stop, do you think the chain is not derived from links? Mascherano said here are links, according to page level export link say! Export link is not what you understand

some students often say that my site is the original content, and update frequency is very regular why love Shanghai is not included? In fact, this problem, most of the new Adsense will meet. But when the problem of webmaster, can not blame others, blame yourself included principle don’t study love Shanghai


, the upper limit of the mechanism of

Shanghai is not included in the site actually loves nothing more than a few online, find it can be found, so the Maas said three points online is not easy to find


what the content of the original ah, update the content of the content of the book ah, ah, these are very important, but are some of the problems we have here is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, say no more! We are here to say content is a little, a very important point.

derived link mechanism!In fact, !

online a lot of articles have said that if love Shanghai not included, is more the chain to guide the spider crawling! Mascherano believes that this is misleading. Itself! Your page is not included, will cause your own, you have a lot of guide the spider to see you frequently wrong….. This…! let me give you an example! If a long beans you face today, go out to meet friends, because he is not found on your face peas the can! "

love Shanghai included the same type of the hand limit, for example, this horse, love Shanghai not included? The same type of article are very much! So, Mascherano to this article is love Shanghai included, the difficulty will be higher than the ordinary


three, the error link into




often do the chain of friends will find such a problem: an article, more links derived then included difficulty is high! Do not believe, do not believe you to try

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