The construction of the chain three problems to be known

the construction of the chain three problems to be known as the daily maintenance of website, website optimization summary of the experience, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER know how to do site optimization, the most basic is to add external links so as to promote the role of the ranking, although this method is really effective, but success it is just a coincidence, the ranking will not last long, because the general construction of the chain is only a novice to see the number, not the quality, most of the causes of poor website weight is because site outside the chain of poor quality, so in the chain should pay attention to the following three points.

is the construction of the chain is the same as with updated website content, should be carried out every day, and every time the number can not be too much, too much will lead to the search engine spiders mistaken use mass software, so in the construction of the chain is best able to write a report to your plan, every day to do the chain, but the number is gradually increasing, remember not every time the chain gap is too large.

third: mass links

the above three points is the construction of the chain need to pay attention to when, I hope you novice webmaster through the above knowledge can be helpful to you, of course, in addition to the above three points and other factors, but these three prominent fills the original article from 贵族宝贝 www.liaotianb贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source.

must pay attention to this point, although the mass software can give you reduce a lot of work, but the future is very large, the light is right down, heavy site of course finished, some people would say, why do I use mass software and nothing, for this "special case", can only say a fluke, search engine to find you, sooner or later, so new Adsense must be able to resist sending software.

second: buy links

: the first gradually increased

is very popular now to buy links, actually this is a kind of method of the construction of the chain, but this method is stable, for example, you buy a chain, the chain must be stable for three months, otherwise it will cause the search engine of doubt, so you must purchase the link in note that the purchase must be full three months, the construction of the chain effect is very obvious.

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