The content of the website how to layout optimization by Shanghai Longfeng content

Shanghai Longfeng content layout optimization, update the direction and goals through the content analysis of Shanghai dragon, and then through the chain layout optimization of the web page richness, to enhance the overall quality and weight of web pages.

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layout optimization:

Shanghai dragon

subdivision of core keywords, keyword classification. Enterprise to do such keyword can be considered to start from the enterprise product positioning for each subdivision of the encyclopedia, the characteristics of the product, according to the classification of relevant keywords to each product page layout.

products belong to product attributes, product attributes can be text layout to the product page copy which is to absorb the product sales conversion, products for keywords should learn to guide users to buy consumer, will locate the user population for pre purchase counseling, consulting and customer service consulting buy these three types of products, to ask information page you can join the service code to guide the user to enter the product page to achieve product sales.


content design optimization, by keyword analysis, understand the relevant content for the user’s psychological filled to meet potential user psychology, to the layout of the site within the chain to the user data, and access to the user click, increase the page quality and weight.


Website Optimization Website optimization, first consider the layout, through the analysis and understanding of user groups, will link the content of websites to a carefully designed layout, so all the content links around the site and the core keywords to do the site, to more new content based on the core of the page.

Keywords: optimization of

investigation of user search habits, combined with the user’s click habits layout for the content of the website and link pages with keywords competition degree to layout of the site keywords will dig out classification for layout, product information content, the content of repeat in particular, can be combined with the geographical attributes, combined with user mental planning product copy user.

Shanghai Longfeng content layout link optimization

planning website core keywords, arranged in order of importance level website keywords, keyword analysis column user needs to know what the user wants to find information, combined with the main keywords information, features of the extended research products, for copywriting, for users to search keywords short, user demand is not strong, for the user search keywords short can consider using some of the column page to do such keyword.

in layout analysis links the content layout, according to the market segmentation to layout optimization, through the classification characteristics, product attributes, let website product page highlights the core.

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