The four Shanghai Longfeng sentiment Shanghai dragon optimization to make the user experience

2, Ceng Yuwen love Shanghai "click principle" view

A5 and Chinaz have seen a good article, this article is a wonderful chess ink "from" love the sea sea guide "Shanghai dragon dragon industry development trend", after seeing a great feeling, because this year love Shanghai Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, the algorithm constantly in the update, although there is no change of direction, but let people puzzled sometimes, the wonderful chess ink article gives a lot of guidance, of course, this is also the MADCon conference and share results, of course, these relatively hard to do something and Yu Yue is the best thing, because of more and better regulate love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng algorithm, we need to do things will be more specific: user experience.

search for "Shanghai dragon" you can see rows of so few will be on the front page of the website is a perennial, Chinaz webmaster tools, one is Shanghai dragon wh>

Ceng Yuwen has always been a good friend, is also very concerned about his article, basically each article will take the time to read the article, because his perspective is very unique, can often bring a new idea to me, from the "love Shanghai" click principle "website user experience" this article the article also give me joy, he passed for the keyword "Shanghai dragon" ranking sites to analysis love Shanghai "click" principle, let a person think of love can’t help Shanghai more and more focus on user experience is very good, because this is in line with the search engine the original intention is to meet the needs of users.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Sometimes we are not afraid I cannot learn what things, but not being able to find the direction of study, this time you will be very confused and frightened, because there are always some people in the back to catch up with you, pushing you forward. So I’ve been busy studying Shanghai dragon, is also looking to have the guiding significance to their knowledge and make some articles, to help their friends, especially a few articles recently seen on my deep feeling, let me feel your knowledge to improve quickly, today I want to share is their own experience a learned, these experiences are likely to be about a commonplace talk of an old scholar of the user experience, but the genuineness of the case to give you explanations, let everyone see the direction of optimization.

wonderful chess ink paper, Shanghai Longfeng optimization method through the content of cheating will be an object of love after Shanghai Shanghai dragon. He talked about the four aspects of cheating, but it boils down to tell a point: the content must be related, good user experience, improve conversion. Many webmaster will deliberately optimization, keyword insertion completely irrelevant content to cheat, followed by the TAG page to accumulation of keywords and correlation of cheating, TAG etc..

A few days ago in When it comes to web content is a very important idea is to do the

1, the wonderful chess ink on Shanghai dragon industry development trend of

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