The necessity of establishing and using the method of long tail keywords group website article

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3, the chain


B, the length of the title, the title of the words is not too much, netizens can not search too long title in the search time, should jingduan and can attract eyeball.

4, relevant content of extended

This part is to extract >


C, key words in the title of the position to the front.

estimation to improve the weight of their own website, you must for the basic principles and methods of Shanghai dragon are very skilled! But according to my observation that most owners in the Shanghai dragon will ignore an important point, in fact, also the details of the problem, namely the optimization of writing, first of all I personally want to clarify the view: Shanghai dragon is not only to do keyword ranking, keyword ranking and actually in the long term and can not be used as the key, the reason is very simple, you can not guarantee you the key to keep in good rankings forever, if one day the search engine ranking algorithm to update or other reasons, resulting in your keyword ranking to reduce or disappear, then rely on rankings to traffic sites will be affected

!1, the title of

B, the middle part of the article, is a complete description of events, but also the overall development of the part of key words, proper words in bold, eye-catching colors can be marked in the content, to highlight the importance of keywords. (color code should be placed in the outermost layer of

The content of

A, writing title to meet user search habits, words are easy to understand, close to the user’s daily search habits.

A, the first section is an overview of the whole thesis, there must be some keywords, and keywords appear 2-4 times as well.

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articles within the chain refers to the text of the article, a phrase or sentence, then this part of the content and link, even to the page.

C, the end of the article is a summary of this article, the same words 2-3 times, the formation of tail echo.

so do the ranking of the premise, must focus on the optimization of website content, build a strong group of long tail keywords, long tail keywords when your strong enough, then you can be any website hijacking and your site related keywords, even if your web pages with keywords all does not matter of course, this is something I want to say is to establish good long tail key group can bring you a long stable flow, even if it is your home page ranking is very low, it will not affect your web traffic. And this brings the flow than your keyword ranking brings less traffic. Today I’ll tell you the website of Shanghai Longfeng writing, this is the most basic and the most effective method of establishing long tail keywords group

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