To improve the pass rate of love Shanghai create Wikipedia tips

second, Shanghai love Wikipedia content


joined the URL link cannot be content, then you want to expand the promotion effect, it must grasp the embedding. When love Shanghai encyclopedia level reaches a certain level, and entry content close to the perfect time, it can be inserted into. In my experience of the web site will be very difficult to add items, are generally in the reference and extended reading place, therefore, pay special attention to when it joined the site, do not use the website address address, adding two pages to more than one, this website advertising it will reduce a lot, at least not by love editor in Shanghai doubt, in addition, the entry content should be.

made love Shanghai entry create people know, create before they need to register an account, the account level is divided into levels, through continuous accumulation and edit entries to do the task, the higher the level, the account creation edit entries more experience. Have experience of good things, so, love Shanghai editor when audit entries will loose, similarly, increase the odds of audit through the website address so that to improve the account level, can do more public entry, or to modify existing entries content more abundant.

Tag Optimization

third, the use of

first, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of grade

love Shanghai for their product image will be optimized, basically each picture will have title tags in the picture notes will use < h3> title tag, so in the optimization of picture processing should pay attention to the proper use of the label, but also increase the rate of appeal through skill.

to create a successful entry, the most important is the content, content rich and clear, the people want to get information and planning, a successful entry half finished, such as the construction of the directory, such as text, let a person look good to hear or see, at a glance, receive entry content editor in Shanghai will love convincing. Note that when the entries written, must be content in the URL, because the creation and modification are required by the manual review of love Shanghai Wikipedia entry, only through the audit entries to update. In addition to the keyword density to a certain adjustment, so through the chance to increase.

recently made the pig task found that many businesses promote their brands will be used to love Shanghai encyclopedia, they will give some pictures or web service providers, create an entry for its own brand of love Shanghai. Because of the love of Shanghai. With Wikipedia, will bring great effect to the degree of brand promotion. I also took some create love Shanghai Encyclopedia of life, just started through rate is almost zero, what is the reason for the rate is so low? Successfully created the love Shanghai encyclopedia and what are the details and skills?

fourth, how to display the

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