Let love fast included new sites effect Shanghai should pay attention to three details

every new building and on-line embodies the brainchild of countless webmaster, believe that all the webmaster want to a new line immediately after the love of Shanghai included, and get an ideal place, for their own profit. But this is only small wish stationmaster only, believe that the operation of new friends will be faced to a new station on the line before the problem: new effect.

chain for the emperor era has become the past, but many webmaster comrades still love to use "Ning to kill the wrong, don’t let method" to release the chain, full of hate all Internet once to meet. The chain is still a role for the website ranking, it can not be denied, but the author does not suggest the webmaster in the new line at the beginning of spamming chain. A website content, for the love of Shanghai spiders and users are empty and useless, therefore, the suggestion is that the webmaster can edit two articles every day in the new station, depth of a pseudo original, a collection, but don’t add anchor text too much, love Shanghai really included the article to add, otherwise easily lead to love Shanghai to anchor text sensitive reaction, elongated love Shanghai period.

: the first railway station is not recommended to install love Shanghai statistics

Is the new effect called

third: the soft platform to contribute, release the chain of high quality


second: early don’t release the chain, enrich the content is king

, a new station on the line after after a period of love in Shanghai period, the length of time can be short or long, because many owners do not pay attention to some details, resulting in their new sites was collected after a long period of time. So, what do the details of what can let love Shanghai fast included your site? Here I come to you and share three simple I think is to pay attention to the details.

now stationmaster love using some statistical tools to monitor their own website traffic, a love of Shanghai is one of the most popular statistics. Love Shanghai statistics has strong professionalism and accuracy in monitoring traffic, station installation is indeed the right thing to do. However, in the new period, love may be the site of the Shanghai statistical nuisance. Why is that? We all know, love is the principle of Shanghai statistics, the code is embedded on the site, and then let the love of spiders in Shanghai to extract traffic data to the site every day, and then reflect the love of Shanghai statistical data sheet. For this, I think it is not suitable for the installation of new blind. By doing so, may make the new sites do not yet perfect, before they were completely exposed to monitor love Shanghai, love Shanghai greatly deepened to the new sensitivity, if a new mistake, may let love Shanghai extended its study period, it will become more difficult. Therefore, I suggest you not very early so that the new station installed on the love of Shanghai, you can choose other statistical tools, here is not introduced one by one.



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