The chain of the role of the temporary is not included

with 1 questions, the chain does not exist problems included. We released the chain page have been released, and some did not release.

I think, in fact, we generally believe that the "chain included" refers to the page outside the chain is not included. In fact, most of the page links are search engines will be found, whether it is not included, but they are filtered out and the search engine has been.

chain is to be included in the criteria for what is

I think the chain outside the chain of tools to be able to query is not available (and vice versa), because now love Shanghai this tool of data is not complete, the updating of data with a certain time lag (many links among them) and other reasons, two is also love Shanghai claims this is the original chain information unfiltered, is love Shanghai found the chain, but it is not necessarily a chain.

I think is that page you outside of the chain to be included in Shanghai Dragon (love sea index of the amount of data, do not have to SITE or domain), the chain can be effective (such as signature that although included, but the effect is 0, because these links do not have voting rights), not the effect is not included page – you send the chain is not included may love Shanghai that your content has no value, low weight and other reasons or website which is filtered or not put out, anyway, even the page content have not been in love in Shanghai that closes, the chain is sure this page exists is ignored regardless of the


teacher Cardiff


Search ask questions in the see in many webmaster, Shanghai dragon in this problem and tangled with.

The chain

This is a help on site

is 2

is 1

does not exist outside the chain included problems. The chain is usually said to be included, refers to the release of the link page is included.

Chen Hongran view:

. ;Why is

not release on the page should not entirely without effect.

not included pages but love Shanghai outside the chain of tools you can find


I think, a judgment whether the chain has played a role, can query through the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside, if not you love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website the chain, it is considered that you send the chain, at the time Webmaster Platform chain query database the effect is not produced. (note that sometimes Webmaster Platform database may be used for two months, three months ago, so the chain you made in the near future may not occur on the inside).

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