Quickly improve the PR value of the site is not almost inaccessible

four, join the site directory, in fact the nature meaning and the release of the chain is the same, because this is a very stable chain.

two, create love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, creating a website, equivalent to an increase of a high weight of the chain is quite stable. Of course, the PR value of the site is also very helpful. Before this point in the article also mentioned that in fact is not very difficult to create Wikipedia, as long as the master of skills, I believe you will certainly be able to pass.

as a webmaster, have been the envy of others believe the PR of the website, look at the others site PR is 4, 5, and his 0, will inevitably feel lost when, in order to increase the weight of the site site exchange links with others is constantly being rejected, feel more lonely, website PR is really so important? The webmaster base tell you the answer is yes, the importance of PR no ground for blame when you go to exchange links, with the relevant website will generally see Links requirements, PR is greater than or equal to how many qualified, so as a webmaster, to site optimization, PR promotion was a necessary. Today the webmaster base with their own experiences to tell you how to quickly improve the PR value of your website. Webmaster base is the latest domain name zzjidi贵族宝贝 started at around 2011.08.30, had never thought of the past 2 months ushered in the Google PR value update, accidentally discovered a short period of 2 months to 4 PR. This is not accidental, think of all the more than 2 months, will feel the need to share their own experiences to everyone.

, with a high weight site swap Links, high weight website mentioned here refers to the PR value is higher, a web site update frequency. Here you may have a doubt, my website is PR 0, others are willing to exchange links with you? Here you webmaster friends can reference an article written before: "sharing: how to exchange links with the PR0 website" PR4-6 high weight website, you can refer to.

by the station base: 贵族宝贝zzjidi贵族宝贝 exclusive feeds, reproduced please leave links, thank you

In this paper, !

three, adhere to a daily chain, a daily release of the chain is a habit, a webmaster need to improve website PR value can not be ignored. This can attract the spider often through the chain crawling to your site.

PR is not actually improve the site almost inaccessible, guizaijianchi. Good website operation habits every day, making the daily work plan, and put into action, that also is easy to improve the PR value. The above points represent the boat I view, welcome Paizhuan, put forward valuable suggestions.

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