Several commonly used methods to share selected keywords

such sites are innumerable, a search a lot, but I suggest you use the home station, because relatively speaking, the owners of the house more authoritative, influential, so he’s also not bad to go, this is only my personal suggestions oh, I love Shanghai index analysis is frequently used tools this tool, can save a lot of steps, because.

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two, Google index

do the most boring heart is how to select the site keywords! Oh, to tell you the truth, I have done so much to help, many enterprises do countless stand out of the experience, is to choose the right keywords can make optimize work eliminates many unnecessary troubles and sadness that is! A lingering heart every webmaster for the target keywords choice, because you do not choose too hot to do up is still a problem, too upset and fear make up is useless, because do not know if there is no traffic ah! Choose and fear be neither hot nor cold call themselves to drink coffee "Mister" ah, go. So how to select keywords, has become a important base station of each learning. Let me talk to you with my personal experience, for reference:

no index, this is my own place name, easy to remember, oh. For Google, with Google keyword search tool is very good, especially recommend Oh, I went with my own habits, when I find my key words, are the first to use the long tail keyword query again, to see what the long tail flow, then the appropriate shortening of the long tail, for example. As I do now is Dongguan Shanghai dragon, so the long tail keywords I use is Dongguan where there is a website optimization company and Dongguan Shanghai, Dongguan Humen Longfeng optimization company website optimization Shanghai dragon which I have put it to find it again, see how the word search volume, low degree of competition, search, and then through the analysis of the brain the appropriate cut into the target keywords, Dongguan Humen Shanghai dragon like, you can also try, after all, my experience is not necessarily suitable for you, your experience Not for me, the real truth.


webmaster query tool

you have not thought about, if everyone is having sex in Shanghai ranking, then search keywords love Shanghai index is cannot do without, you know why? It is because the love of Shanghai products, one family do two things, understand? Looking for love Shanghai index is a skill, is not looking for short-term because some of the short term, there may be others with the software out of the brush, so it is not true, and when we find the love of Shanghai index to select a term, to the lowest choice of a quarter, you think you know, nobody is boring to a quarter (three or four months) of the brush words. The index will not change radically the election, it is someone else out of the brush, of course some festivals like the word is another matter, like father’s day, Valentine’s Day SMS messages, this is because a year just for a few days.

Three, index of love

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