Soft outside the chain is not difficult how to pen pinpointing

two: good to see hot analysis

how to get the site outside the chain, every webmaster has at least several sets of methods, but how to get the most time-saving or more outside the chain is more stable, and how many people can do? A lot of people say that the original soft Wen promotion. Compared with the soft, really is the effective way to promote good, if the article was reproduced to high probability of the weight of the site is also great, is undoubtedly has great promotion effect. If the appropriate customer groups to the soft body, but also can bring accurate customer for the site, and even promote the deal. So, binary think: soft Wen is the most effective way of promotion, not only for the search engine, but also for users.

actually experience more also wrote pen astringent, this time may wish to change the angle to write. Look at what the hot love Shanghai news, see the webmaster on what kind of topic search engine recently updated whether there are some new rules to guess, the website ranking also has some what confused the webmaster to confusion, etc. all can I have to write something. Even go to the Internet for news writing comments, direct starting. In the course of contacts on the theme up? If it is only by virtue of their own ideas to construct a theme for a long time, it is difficult to find something new. In fact, write some of this stuff, but also in developing their thinking, improve their writing ability.


three: change perspective

: experience the details of

knowledge and experience in written text is one of the most common approaches, but many webmaster only wrote a few years later can not find the idea that Shanghai dragon pen feel astringent, something so much, what can be written? In fact, this is due to the usual experience the whole. It includes the writing experience completely down with summary, say, general, in an article in what to write, the final result is what seems so superficial, how is small but fine? Owners through their own practice can be a personal experience together as one however, these practices have not experienced webmasters and how to understand these general things? Therefore, experience to be soft refinement argument to be discussed, this experience not just write soft up?

took the record for that matter, is undoubtedly the webmaster highly concerned about the topic, but the same repetitive writing is not what can be.

soft Wen promotion effect is good, the webmaster write soft can also write out, but if the long-term soft promotion will inevitably some difficult, most owners do not know how to start to write text, or write jerky without a clue. Today the binary share about how to write the original soft method for chain extension. In fact, change from the Pope, hope more friends can be in the original on the road more walk more far, achievement is not only the site, is the value of life.

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