Shanghai dragon Er how to do high quality website chain

not to please the search engine website, the main purpose is to give the majority of users to provide some convenience, now the most effective network promotion methods and obtain the high quality of the chain should be considered the word-of-mouth communication, but to do word-of-mouth communication is not so simple, this experience have a very high demand on the site. So we should stand webmaster site in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, only the user experience to do so you don’t have to worry about the promotion.

is more than some of my own opinions and some of their own experience, the hope can give you an entry-level webmaster friends some help.

Word of mouth communication between four users,

three, the original article

since most of our website is by sea to fall in love with bread, then love Shanghai’s products love Shanghai will certainly give the weight is very high, the webmaster should make more use of love Shanghai to do outside the chain, love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love that library space, Shanghai Post Bar love sea love Shanghai, experience and so on all of these can be used to increase website external links of high quality, so we can master from a few to love Shanghai products with promotion and research.

outside the main chain is the original soft, every day we updated the original articles on the site, and then released to the news platform, forum, blog, so you can quickly increase the number of the chain, here we recommend submission to the webmaster nets, Adsense nets is very high in the weight of love Shanghai. If our soft quality is very high, in the website submission after the success of search engines are direct seconds, and webmaster network soft was reproduced rate is high, so long as to bring copyright links, the number of the chain will increase a lot. If you can adhere to the submission every day 1-2 article, in the course of time your website external links naturally is huge, of course, your site keywords ranking and flow naturally rapid rise.

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two, improve the Links exchange threshold

is essentialHigh quality The greatest significance of the establishment of the

found that many owners in exchange for Links are not very concerned about, the Links requirements are not high, the role of a good Links on the site is very large, but not a good Links also harm your own website, so we have to improve the threshold of exchange in exchange Links process, at least if the same industry, the website included, snapshots, reverse link, PR value can be used as the reference index of Links exchange.

site outside the chain is the webmaster has been more concerned about, each love Shanghai update algorithm, the website chain amount more or less change, which leads to the fluctuation of the web site keywords ranking. Because of the love of Shanghai audit result, now the site outside the chain has become more and more difficult to do, today to share some high quality site outside the chain channel.

, love Shanghai’s products

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