Black hat real case analysis of Shanghai dragon PR hijacking

website using PR is nothing more than to get high PR hijacked such black hat Shanghai Longfeng strategy, but I took a look at the Changsha Shanghai Longfeng company website, domain name included age, and chain, and company operation, there is no need to take the risk of K to hijack a PR but is not high and Shanghai dragon unrelated website.

this site is really a little green flowers ah

when the word search Changsha Shanghai dragon today, found a out of the ordinary site, a movie station even in the word Changsha ranked third in the Shanghai dragon? But there is no title of the keywords Changsha Shanghai Longfeng, even the words are not Shanghai dragon. This is exactly why? Point into a look this is indeed a Shanghai dragon website, to my first impression is pr hijacking.


thought for a long time is not connected, then I search for energy-saving found the Shanghai dragon website also ranked in the second, and Changsha Shanghai Longfeng website is not energy-saving links or the words, generally will not be hijacked PR hijacking website ranking, so I think the site is likely to be hang black chain. Then look at their source code completely clear, offend people. The Shanghai dragon company also feel helpless, website problems so long didn’t.

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how do not understand what is PR hijacking friends can take a look at me about PR hijacked a blog, this article only analyze the PR hijacking case.

so here to remind you, once found that the site is not in the right place should look at the website source code, it is best not to use the black hat gimmick, you look at the wine network domain name, 13 year old domain name, so was the K, often in the river walk, which can not wet shoes.


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