Beat the competition site needs to do the following five points

The first point: ?


(5) to minimize the use of js


(4) to optimize the

3), see competitors’ keywords

daemon 301 redirect

2), see the key index

(1), the construction of the external links

third: good website structure optimization (internal and external structure)


tools recommended:

station link optimization


internal optimization external optimization

search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) also can be considered as a contest between the webmaster, how to lead their competitors? You need to constantly improve their website owners (including: optimization of website content, website optimization, etc.) and real time monitoring of rival Shanghai Longfeng trends, such in order to.

whether the early site or writing articles, must have specific keywords, a valuable keyword. How to determine the key words have no value? How to determine the key words can bring into

Webmaster Tools Webmaster Tools

if you want to go beyond the competitors, to keep the website rank, you may need to do the following five points

from the search engine of love Shanghai more and more attention to the site of the original, the higher the quality of your love, the more fresh, Shanghai and even other search engine spiders will like your site articles; not only that, high quality articles can attract more users to stay time, to enhance the user experience of the website will help.

404 page optimization

fifth: focus on Shanghai dragon industry dynamic >

1), love Shanghai

second: the need to focus on the content of the web site, of course, is the original best.


1), see key words without bidding promotion



3), love station

4), which viewed from statistical tools (such as love Shanghai statistics, CNZZ statistics, statistics and other noble baby)

(2), Links

is the most important number of inbound links to monitor their own website, to prevent the attack of negative Shanghai dragon, you should keep close attention to any change, your competitors are in the construction of the link.

fourth: watch your website and the competitor’s website import and export link

positioning strategies need to do the site keywords.

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