Create the keywords of independent from the highest three examples of Shanghai Dragon



in the optimization of the domestic industry, if you do not know Shanghai dragon why, or only the teacher is a little out. Shanghai dragon why this keyword is its own creation. We can see that although the keywords Shanghai dragon love why Shanghai index and there is no "beautiful" scary, but love is based on the Shanghai index search volume every day to love Shanghai, Cardiff teacher Shanghai dragon why forum ranked in the words "Shanghai dragon" love in Shanghai has been in the top, and can be maintained for several years. Shanghai dragon Er all know it is difficult to stabilize rankings, especially in the more competitive keywords. "Beauty" is so high the love Shanghai index, the author believes that it is related to the recent "speculation". Related news Shanghai news yisou love sky ah, but the words of love in Shanghai index should also fall down.

believe that many people do optimization every day in the main keywords ranking care sites, but also as far as possible to find a better long tail keywords to get traffic. These are the process of every successful optimization personnel have to experience, with experience accumulated slowly, we tend to find a lot of shortcut optimization. For example, we can use the same industry competitors to obtain long tail keywords, or by means of some optimization tools. But I think that the highest state is not that our optimization keywords, long tail keywords have a good ranking, how much traffic. The highest level is the independent keywords created, today the author through three successful examples to the highest level of autonomy for Shanghai dragon to create keyword.

Keywords: a beautiful Keywords: Shanghai dragon WHY

for the Admin5 station network, presumably a lot of people are very familiar with, whether it is the webmaster.


Keywords: admin5


love Shanghai index: 83635, e-commerce sites can have such a brand keywords have so high index presumably do not have a few beautiful, said the operation mode as Taobao customers, access to third party e-commerce sites through the promotion of the commission. Now China has numerous Taobao guest site, also have all kinds of mode, rebate network mode, a single page mode, API mode and so on, but can earn a lot of money to the Taobao customer site is not much, most of the customers are Taobao webmaster sigh earn pocket money". For this beautiful site that we have to say is a myth of Taobao passenger industry. Create a keyword and the highest state of the Shanghai dragon is for their own site, we through the webmaster tools query the main keyword ranking the best keywords can be seen, the highest flow of its own creation.


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