Do station experience half a month ranked 20

said today I do station half a month ranked 20 experience or have a memory.


website after I would want to publish some articles to what? 5 minutes, I love Shanghai to search "lose weight method" and then I found a change in the end of this two part article, add your mood, change after adding the chain is released. I began to publish an article every day. Daily updates. At that time I did not love to submit registration in Shanghai. Because I forget. The third day has been observed in Shanghai included the home page, the evening of the third day my article to 2 article released every day, the fifth day morning I looked at me a surprise, I included 1160 main keyword ranking to 166. Then I 12 every night after I began to update the article. This spider good location update website regulation is good. Then I took a look at the original host does not support pseudo static. I got a VPS, because before the host is 7 days unconditional return, only sixth days I will apply for a refund, the seller asked my FTP account after I told him he would know to delete my FTP account. I was mad at me. I have no backup. The second day Shanghai snapshot of the page snapshot into "third data" and ranked all 0.

my station is 2011.01.15 to do, I do before the first selected one of 3 keywords, long tail keywords, then analyzed the love Shanghai index daily search volume, the analysis found the search volume can then analyze ranked first in the station, so I have to buy a Taobao customer program and domain name then uploaded to the space program. Then, configure the keyword title, I remember profile is to copy the somebody else, because I don’t know how to get, I also don’t want to spend any time thinking about this, because the people I want to profile is their cost very long time to come. I have just changed the direct copy and paste up.

write well don’t mind, my writing is not good please keep permissions: www.vtaoke贵族宝贝

but I did not give up. I continue to have regulations updated every day, until the third day Shanghai snapshot, but still ranked 0 i love Shanghai to adhere to a few days later I ranked 80. Then I will send every day outside the chain, because I have 30 blog. Give me the website, but also to need to do after site. The first thing I said to you here, to do station to raise a number of blogs, because my Taobao customer site is ranked 20 I think it is my blog in A5 outside the chain with the awesome blog, I did not dare to publish articles 30 times with the anchor text pointing to my Taobao guest website


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