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website optimization in the end use to get the picture, any article, even if the story or emotional entanglements, there are one or two pictures will allow users to more readily read down, isn’t it? Anyway, Hefei talent network is so small, if the essay is text, and the crowded together text, even if the content of what is curious enough, I can click on the top right corner. So, no matter from the perspective of the user experience and search engines can not correctly identify the picture, graphic combination is the most suitable way to read, and to add the corresponding picture description information is very necessary.

! The relevant text content

1, in the title of the page description is very important

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if you have studied the search engine results show, I believe you will find that a lot of keyword search after the match with Shanghai love pictures of this column and row in a very prominent position, which is also described is the picture can help bring the site flow? This is small today thinking about the problem, so in the end how to optimize the picture will bring this effect? This is not the small collection of many great speech, and theoretical support, let you buddies site can drainage from the picture.


2, the most key picture of the ALT text

, add the corresponding picture information to articles or products, but also as a kind of optimization method is the application of the webmaster. A small start, just think with pictures, users will be more willing to look after, we can deeply understand the search engine, Xiaobian found many pictures are called sources, if a picture in your site indexed by search engines, so users can naturally enter our site through the source. Isn’t it a drainage way? So webmaster friends, may wish to look at how to make the site pictures appear in the search engine

is the best combination of graphic combination of users want to see, so when editing the content on the website, the page will contain one to two pictures to please the user, of course, these pictures can also be from the side of the image of the content of reaction. In fact, starting from the perspective of a search engine, although it is intelligent, but there is no way to understand the picture information, so webmaster by adding the ALT attribute to make the search engine more clearly understand the picture, of course ALT property can not be too deviated from the theme of the

In fact, Oh!

general, the search engine will define the picture, according to the ALT attribute of the picture at the same time, the picture in the title of the page also has a certain impact. The ALT attribute that is the page title and the picture is not related, such as the Anhui Talent Network Recruitment announcement information, put an unrelated picture, this is not too good to

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