Through love Shanghai products grassroots webmaster how to enhance the user experience

: love Shanghai talent network home page eye-catching "resume" moving

two: the actual experience of "moving" resume function

as a talent network, as we all know, one of the most complicated and allow job seekers to hate thing is to fill in the resume resume: first need to fill in the various projects, some job seekers need to fill out the talent network of hundreds, and secondly if a job in a number of talent network registration, the emergence of a large number of repetitive work in the fill in your resume process, allow job seekers to be pestered beyond endurance. How many job seekers choose first in the domestic "big three" talent network registration resumes, and then resume registered in the local talent network, and finally in the industry talent network registration resumes, so in the course of contacts, you need to repeat 5 times to fill in the resume, repetitive work let job seekers quite hate. The new on-line love Shanghai talent network, we can see a small function "resume move" is greatly reduced the workload of the user, greatly enhance the user experience.

user experience, this word is one of the most mentioned words in recent years the webmaster website optimization process, is the webmaster most touched one of the words of the mind, the past when it comes to website optimization more talked about "the content is king, the chain for emperor", these are practical and feasible operation method: high quality original release Links exchange content, high quality, and enhance the user experience, but not to speak of this, so many webmaster in this very puzzled. Today, we launched new products "love Shanghai love Shanghai talent network" perspective, how to enhance the user experience.

three: resume moves very convenient

entered the love of Shanghai talent network, striking position has a "move" button to resume has been extremely tired of repetitive fill out tedious resume job seekers themselves, the original in this talent network is not need a hand to fill in the resume, can move? This will attract job seekers registered to a certain extent, reduce the fear of job seekers.

in the actual experience, the whole process very quickly, and the results are accurate: each item corresponds to one by one, precisely transplanted to love Shanghai platform, such as work experience, education experience, basic job seekers need any manual changes.

See the

through the analysis of the new product love love Shanghai Shanghai talent network, the webmaster can further understand the user experience of how to operate, I believe that through the detailed analysis, we should no longer confused, let the site optimization do more traceable. The user experience is probably a little.


in the actual experience of the process we see, 51job provides three major domestic talent network to move a key feature of love Shanghai Talent Network Talent Network, as long as the choice of the corresponding channel, enter the user name and password, can be used for job seekers registered on the site of the move to resume easy love Shanghai talent online is very convenient.

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