The last day of Shanghai big update have the experience of new

1> from the update time Mgr

today is relatively late, up to open the computer, check ranking, love Shanghai yesterday updated, and a few days before the original update + pseudo original update daily a big help, after the last time in the A5 share a "optimization" lasted 15 days Changsha Shanghai dragon "a personal experience experience", and a "new" experience, the above analysis:


1. on the

Optimization of keyword selectionThis is a

analysis of the end of their own optimization rankings, as a rookie in Shanghai dragon also have a few deep feeling, if not, we hope a lot of advice:


because I am on the website of this piece of code is still learning, so share out of something not too technical, is based on a sort of optimization usually done, we hope to have some help to optimize the site, put their own experience is divided into three blocks to talk about, can keep up with the article is similar, but feel more to confirm some of the factors in their experience that is correct:


because the station was established in two is learning, testing, three are for the purpose of sharing, so since the Shanghai dragon, you should try to put the Shanghai dragon the word to make up, so the choice is Shanghai dragon the word to do, I not only, the competition is too big, not too large information so, to narrow the area + keywords to do, so I chose the word "Shanghai" Changsha dragon to practice and practice their Shanghai Dragon School, also used some knowledge of the Internet, is the pre select a keyword, so I chose the word as the main keywords of this period of time I do indeed, with Changsha, "Shanghai dragon" rankings, my other long tail word joint rankings, such as you see in the picture above "Shanghai dragon Changsha optimization" and "Changsha. The sea dragon ", this is the long tail effect, because from the start the day update many articles inside often interspersed with" Shanghai dragon "optimization" promotion "and so on these words, according to the 100 search habits, may start the integration of search, analysis as my station" Changsha Shanghai dragon of love Shanghai natural ranking principle "the same is true, if you understand the ranking principle of love in Shanghai, can help you in the optimization of the main keywords at the same time, and then put the other to your conversion rate will help to optimize the word up, so why the station for half a month, you can make several index in the long tail word to achieve the first three pages, if you want to analyze, to see me standing within the article, whether I in the layout of these words.


2. update the meaning of

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