Today love Shanghai made a big adjustment in the page and K station


9.22, Shanghai K station and included in love have a greater adjustment, provided by the Shanghai Phoenix Webmaster Tools data weathervane trend chart can be seen, the scope of the updated great love Shanghai, the main action is to reduce and update the page and K in garbage site, according to the number, total update ratio 75.56%, reduce the proportion of 69.1%. 0.4% K from the previous station proportion rose to 0.9%.

in 9 sites, all optimized keywords were not significantly decreased, as to maintain the original ranking state. Solid analysis of the Shanghai action only in love for love in Shanghai included pages and not to cheat site clearance, website weight make changes. The above is only a personal opinion, welcome criticism. Please respect the original, the original article reproduced please specify: 贵族宝贝

from 9 sites held by individuals (including industry enterprise station 2, station 6, personal blog 1) data view found that enterprise station and personal blog station included reducing have different levels of data, but the industry included did not decrease, but increased, because individuals can not make reference less. Correct judgment, examples for reference only.


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