Which department should be in Shanghai Longfeng company

short, small company of Shanghai dragon just in time with the boss can exchange; medium sized companies can be as chief operating officer of Shanghai dragon or assistant director of operations, or arranged in the website operation Department; large companies can set up special Shanghai dragon and no need to set up the Shanghai team, dragon Department, that relates to the Department a full-time supervisor of Shanghai Longfeng (i.e. the Department Manager Assistant). PS: assistant do not need to do other things, not because of busy work lead to the implementation of the Shanghai dragon excuse.

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of course, if conditions permit, large and medium-sized companies can also set up an independent Shanghai dragon team or department, but this team or department still need communication with other departments. In my opinion, the establishment of the Shanghai Longfeng department is not necessary, but the Shanghai team is essential for the dragon. Shanghai dragon team personnel in other departments, such as marketing department, editorial department, product department, network department, electronic commerce department manager and assistant designated as an independent team. This can reduce the website operation manager (chief operating officer) pressure. The reason is the assistant manager of the model, because the manager has the right to speak, but the time is not sufficient; the reason is not because of the direct use of a assistant assistant time, but not the right to speak, some important decisions still need the Department leadership consensus.


yesterday, attended a party of Wang Aijia and Cheng Tangjun’s organization. Talked about the current Shanghai dragon in some of the company’s awkward position. Today, I want to express my own views.

Although the company hired

in my personal opinion, if a company is only looking for a Shanghai dragon, and need to be arranged in a sector, the most ideal should be arranged in the operation department or website operation (COO) related personnel department. Because Shanghai dragon requires a combination of web editing, web application, market research and so on. The arrangement in the operation Department, will lead to many problems, especially the strong political office.

of large and medium-sized companies in the recruitment to the Shanghai dragon, the usual practice is to arrange to Shanghai dragon network department or the Ministry of Commerce and other electronic technology with relevant departments. This kind of thinking is very easy to understand, after all, search engine optimization, which belongs to the technical marketing; there are also ordered in the marketing department or sales department, this arrangement is because understanding the concept of technical marketing.

is the hope that we can like to change the organizational structure of the company, because we found that many companies will have more than a hundred of the Shanghai dragon cannot perform trouble.

for some Shanghai dragon, but they can not achieve the desired objectives, the main reason is that Shanghai did not get the corresponding permissions dragon or set the Shanghai dragon Department is not reasonable. Small companies basically do not exist a number of departments, as long as the total value can be realized. To emphasize today is large and medium-sized companies.

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