How to promote the optimization of Shanghai dragon personnel do link bait

link bait well, many others will take the initiative to give you the chain links, this is not Why not? Linkbait? Of course not to say all of a sudden can do the job, which requires planning and strategy, the formation of many link bait are lucky and luck, but this does not mean that there is no chance of success, the following we look at the definition of linkbait:

for example my blog program is used WordPress program to optimize the time station, will encounter a series of problems to be solved, such as: "how to make the wordpress blog sidebar catalogue showing double row", which need to adjust and modify code, such as: "no plug-ins to achieve WordPress site map", all these need a a good guide, especially as I do not know how to program this kind of people, this is simply in the snow to send carbon, indicate the source plus a link, I believe that many owners feel very practical will be reproduced to their own blog to the source code, and some websites have reproduced to their own website. Because the knowledge of readability, good quality, search volume, can bring traffic; this method is suitable to understand people like PHP, some difficulty, is recommended.

link bait, in the construction of the external links in Shanghai dragon became the focus of a new round of. Search engine optimization experts to rely on content to attract incoming links from the interesting name: linkbait (Link Baiting). Matt Cutts in his blog have been recommended linkbait.

link bait is simply refers to the creation of useful, interesting and attractive content, in order to attract other webmasters, the blogger’s attention, generate external links.

believe that many webmaster online submission in Shanghai dragon who knows the original submission to the benefits are worth the intention to pay, one side of the water, the side; each industry has survival value in their industry contribute, if successful, high quality, will be recommended to the home page for example, in the A5; the network owners, the owners of the house and out of the original submission, through the audit, if the click rate is high, the quality of the content of popular, so this article is recommended to the first page of the probability is very big, this time a lot of other webmasters website will be reproduced, and will retain the original link, if the grassroots webmaster think the readability of your writing, they can be given substantive guidance, they reproduced will also respect the original author of the work, keep a link, let others give you do Outside the chain, the chain of this quality than the bulk spam links do not know a good many times, this method is more suitable for this kind of grassroots webmaster like we do, the difficulty coefficient is not significant, but the chance is big, it is recommended.

, a famous site to contribute

two, the essence of knowledge guidance Station

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then Shanghai Longfeng extension workers how to do link bait?

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