People from the media how to quickly write a original articles

second, the reader is interested in what, what to write.

Zhu Haitao. Therefore, you must have the best readability, having a story or practical. Because, often to look at the blog are some hope that through this article can get the point of what practical information. So, for those who hold for their increased IP submission of the article, no matter who will be Say No.

Since the media blog is not for you to advertise

himself as a person from the media, hoping to come to blog readers, no matter what time can get the useful information, rather than to a blog, see is not what the value of junk information. The primary goal of information communication of blog is a group of friends want to make money through the Internet, the Internet practitioners. Therefore, the blog is a need to be able to help these friends detours or directly make money in the network to make money on the road to the.

extra is not nonsense, I would simply go directly to the theme, how to quickly write original articles.

in order to satisfy the people’s psychological needs, you need to write some can quickly see the effect of earnings or articles, otherwise your IP will be in a tepid state, which is why there are so many causes in the higher the title of the party. In order to cater to the tastes of this group of people, so a lot of the day it is only the drainage 100ip, he used ten people to operate, drew 1000>

how to write a original article as a person from the media for Kung fu. What is the name of people from the media? Is regarded themselves as the media source information to the image of the outside world. These information can be your professional knowledge, work experience and spiritual insights, what one sees and hears such feelings.

as a media blogger, will receive a large contributor to deliver the information every day, to tell the truth, it can really put the true perception of their scanty written vivid, very few. Most of the contributors, are holding a blog from the media by adding a little of my IP. If so, it is not necessary to contribute, to QQ mass point red, IP came, why so bitter forced to sit in front of the computer code.

to operate the CPA project as an example, you make money on the Internet should be down-to-earth, step by step, the accumulation of money, but your readers for this view you interested? Do you agree with this view? Most of them do not agree. Because many want to make money through the Internet are in a hurry to make money, is a hope to see investment income. Therefore, often make money are those who know how to insist on, Sike people, and those who want to make quick money friends are joining the training operation a few days did not make money, but also to join another training class, so the continuous cycle. In the end, did not earn money not to say, also do a bunch of fattened training people.

first, you see the love object clear.

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