Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VP auditorium at the end of the year ending Juxian see Daniel spe


, of course, also not meeting site in-depth communication links, can ask questions to love Shanghai Difficult miscellaneous diseases expert group here.



will issue "nearly a year of open reading", this algorithm love Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, introduced a series of algorithm to control the quality of website, recently another new action which algorithms to adjust? There will be more of the meeting.


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platform to invite Shanghai to love the main search architect Tan Tan teacher, teacher will do the whole inventory of 2016 Shanghai love search, and make a detailed interpretation of the 2017 Shanghai love search technology trends, to love the Shanghai cooperation site very good reference.

search strategy

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贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/vipevent/detail id=54

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"love Shanghai search annual data and future technology trends detailed"

MIP is an open technology standard love Shanghai launched a search for the latest application in the mobile web, without waiting for loading MIP will transform the site, the page content will be instantaneous in a more friendly way to the user, and is consistent with the end user browsing experience, this meeting will be the analysis of the MIP project in depth, no matter is the technical principle, how to transform, after the transformation of the effect is still a classic case, we will give a detailed explanation of the site. In addition, also invited the mysterious large coffee experience, from their own site MIP transformation income situation, to attend some reference site.

The "

" analysis of MIP mobile Web Accelerator depth interpretation and return

in December 22, 2016, by the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform heavy build the final annual technology event, "the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP forum annual Juxian" will be held in Beijing, the conference site for various types of high-end technology decision-making, interpretation of love Shanghai’s most cutting-edge technology and full search in the search strategy.

"love Shanghai 2016 big secret"

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