How to write the picture website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme

enterprise website is a type of website for the Shanghai dragon personnel head, is the wedding photography class picture station. The wedding photography website has many is simply not what text is full of photography. To modify the client’s website to cannot but circumstances, if you add a article directory page, such as news, column. Some customers are not agree, so for these pictures website how Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis? It is generally believed that few search engine grab pictures, pictures of pure station included rarely, so the picture website for Shanghai dragon, following with a case to analyze how to write picture station of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme.

picture is the product page page design also need to pay attention to some of the details of the.


Img label is all information of a picture, want to let spiders better grab pictures. Personal feeling should make img label complete, pictured above: the wedding photography nets was not the product picture img tag display complete ALT tag set, even the most important didn’t add pictures and text, the text is not original. Now love Shanghai soon be able to tell the difference, but the picture is original and pseudo original points? I believe that as long as the picture ALT tag information to get rid of, is the original. The picture information in web pages include: Alt (alternate text), image width size, page Title, picture text, labels, naming, the best information can ensure the integrity, and the H2 tag serves as the picture title.

second: IMG, H2 code is reasonable to use

site open speed no ground for blame is one of the important factors affecting the ranking, picture type website demands on the server space is relatively high, because there are a lot of pictures on the website. From the chart we can see this wedding photography website there are many places to "downsizing", the merger of the JS code and CSS style are combined, the code written in the specified file, do not write in the web page. Arch-criminal open speed affect the picture of such sites is pictures, pictures can be compressed. Picture format can be used flexibly according to the actual demand, GIF image files, short download speed, PNG is currently the least distortion guarantee format. Not only is the product of the picture can be compressed, the web page in the background of the picture can also be. To code and image compression certainly can accelerate the speed of opening the website, and the number of the best control products under a picture of the page.

: site speed

img attribute is complete

Figure two: the picture page design details

: the first test site open speed




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