Self analysis inevitable relationship between Shanghai dragon and the user experience

users have a herd mentality, or curiosity, as we go to the forum, there will generally see click high or high comments, I tried to give a recommended amount of nazonazo information changed very low, found that views a few information in front of him is more than it is also low, according to the test, if the information is a page to attract the attention of the user on this page is too small, the user will lose interest and leave; if too much information, the user will therefore produce fatigue will also leave. According to the user’s inertia, we need to do is to allow users to use the least action to achieve the maximum effect, the right of each page before my share button on the web page is shared, the effect is not very ideal. But since the button on the "click to view the following answer", sharing data will be greatly increased, the reason is in the user to view the answer, he just slightly move mouse can share it out, move a distance to be a lot easier than before, naturally use the function.

posts in the forum asked some users of Web site optimization problem, that respond to and fro on so few, many in very popular things. The Internet now feel a lack of thinking things, less thinking, more accustomed to. All the methods are only in some surface and application.

I want to do Shanghai dragon website optimization, not a few words of Shanghai Longfeng professional terms will only make people think you are a rookie in the rookie, I have seen a very popular in the industry is the Shanghai dragon article, common language, for example: your site is K, as long as we update, published the original content, over time will come back; your website user experience; the content is king, the chain for the emperor. Look, really is numb, many people think that Shanghai dragon really just so so, so more and more firmly believe that: Shanghai dragon is the case, more, the fight is the resources.

I do not say how Shanghai dragon, do not want to say Shanghai dragon is how simple, good user experience is the key, we tend to ignore some of the details, but we don’t know the details is the key to the success of the Shanghai dragon, now also not to deliberately increase the website.

through more or less network ups and downs! I am most concerned about is for a product, the user experience is to understand it. The success of a product, the user is really love it. In today’s society, people are impetuous heart, follow suit, filled with inert. We do have to Shanghai dragon according to human nature to properly do the adjustment, I like the nazonazo site, at the beginning, I put it on the same page problem, as long as the user click on it to see the answer, it is very convenient for users, but also very practical, but on the site for the website hits on the decline, so I go to the link to the page click, browse volume is high, but users can only access the two page off, users are accustomed to using the least action to obtain the maximum demand.

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