Share the skills and experience of railway station is the Shanghai rapid collection of love

website online time may involve the collection of speed. We all know that every Thursday love Shanghai will carry out a small scale adjustment of search data, this adjustment will involve all kinds of website ranking, included the number and the number of the chain. If we just love Shanghai to update the data on-line time is not able to quickly was collected, the answer is "probably" is indeed possible, because in this case the station can be quickly collected, I imagine and just love Shanghai website to update the data line.

wants to do the seconds, the above skills beyond count, just a few seconds out of their common skills for your reference. In addition we in the pursuit of your website speed at the same time should also pay attention to the quality of web content, good quality not only the content of love for visitors, included is very favorable. Well, I first wrote here, by which good navigator brand 贵族宝贝w>

only the high quality of the chain can attract the spider. Want quick site be included in search engines, it was the search engine spiders crawling the web to attract over us, but many friends often only pay attention to the number of the chain and ignore the importance of quality, I remember a friend said, "a high quality of the chain can top 100 junk chain indeed, even more, a high quality of the chain effect is several times more than ordinary chain. As for the high quality of the chain where to find, we often have to ask and love Shanghai soso Wikipedia, in addition the soft effect is also good, such as A5.

often in the A5 forum Q area saw some "stand" friends asked his website to love sea more than 10 days have not been included. As a webmaster, if your website was submitted to the Shanghai love can be collected in a short period of time, no one on this is a great boost to our webmaster. But this thing is not very much, this situation is more common at the beginning of the article mentioned. That in the end is how to let yourself get love Shanghai seconds of treatment, here I come to share some of their own on the "second" website of the skills and experience.

reasonable website structure rich web content to keep the pace of the spider. The above said want to be included in the fast to attract spiders, but only the spider called retain it is not enough, we also have to think of a way to let it stay for a while to let it crawl more pages. But want to keep the spiders and even let the spider do your regular website, the reasonable structure of the site is very necessary, if a disorder and complex structure ", a spider crawling in feeling difficult to grab information, then it is likely to give up crawling your site, resulting in no time or home page to be included. Rich content is one of the Shanghai spiders love retain skills, imagine, if not what content in the website, spiders to crawl your site? On the contrary, a rich content of the site, the spider to crawl and grab the contents of it.

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