The factors that can’t be ignored by the love of Shanghai

There are many factors affecting

2: virtual host space stability

love Shanghai included, many webmaster in optimize is Gu won the first, ignoring the other one, but for the love of Shanghai, there are several factors that can’t be ignored for love in Shanghai, if you are not careful, we abandon love Shanghai on your site no mercy.

3: the structure of the website

frequent replacement of the title, for the webmaster, maybe you have many reasons to change the title, who can not guarantee the site title is a success, as a site construction, early in the site, I wrote that the foreign virtual host virtual host virtual host professional North China Internet, this title is ordinarily is deliberate, but the problem is that I do is enterprise website, if not the enterprise name written on the front, will give customers a less formal feeling, sense of distrust, although the company is absolutely normal operation, after more than a month, Shanghai is also a very good collection of love the site update is also normal, but later the boss asked to write in front of North China interconnected, in addition it also keywords optimization and reorganization of it, so do a change, in the hippocampus. No, ranking, snapshot a week is not updated, yet Huanguo to God, we can see love love Shanghai when Shanghai will update this station, I estimate a very long time. The lesson for the company, is quite small, I was for a time, will have such consequences, for those who often change the title of the webmaster, or as soon as possible to get rid of the problems.

website architecture is to keep the website structure, like a spider to the road, road two, basically familiar, don’t change the original spider eyes is not good, but you have to change his already familiar road, lane he fell he went straight home, healing

the poisonous spider love he never seen things, if he always, you let him eat the same food, a few times, he was tired of the poisonous spider can eat too much, are clamoring for him, you are old to give him to eat the same thing, he will you love? This is not update the consequences.

4: the site content is not updated, not related to


also, when a spider craving sauce elbow son, he went to the door, see you write the sauce elbow, Takako Kyoko came in the door, can be in a look, inside so much to eat.

said that if the speed of the virtual host included anything to love Shanghai, that is only slightly affected, but if the poor stability, love Shanghai is very unpopular, originally the poisonous spider happily to the virtual host, can give him a cold-shoulder treatment, 404, you want to ah. Love is how Shanghai guest, you dare to him, he will double punishment for you, like a child lying often late, the teacher will love

1: frequent change site title, keyword

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