The enterprise website optimization experience of Shanghai dragon station optimization article

first, you get a site you should first see whether he is suitable for Shanghai dragon, whether to do the revision problem, website structure needs changing and so on. In general, DIV+CSS is more suitable for the Shanghai dragon website optimization. When you get rid of website frame problem, you have to start for the site inside the station optimization.

3. website optimization and ultimately add fast navigation website. Fast navigation is a spider love love Shanghai, because here it can make the spider crave food (link). Love Shanghai spiders can along all pages fast navigation website quickly climbed over the entire site, the best fast navigation suggested here every page of the website, because no matter which page caught spiders also will not have the dead links, can quickly navigate along again climbed to the page.

2. website, pictures of ALT tag, using H1 H2 and STRONG H3 optimization is more important is very conducive to the site better. The widespread use of web image ALT tags can effectively increase the website keyword density, of course, can not blindly increase the ALT label because it may also lead to the website keyword density is too large or even superposition. This setting can pay the registration card of HJK hot how HUAWEI Sar Affan Da Tha against Sam

then I did for my business website of Shanghai dragon, with so little experience to everyone on the internal web site optimization.

4. site map is of course indispensable station optimization, can say that Shanghai is the most love > spider

Use the ALT H2 H3 label H1

      what I start work can be regarded as the top rookie Shanghai dragon, he had at school, study on the Internet is full of Shanghai dragon theory knowledge, if it is not the practice was over. I would also like to thank my former company culture and give me a chance. Shanghai is to do at the beginning of the dragon, do Shanghai dragon business website search engine optimization.

1. you must first determine the site TDK is the site of the title, keywords, and description. (1) the title of the site layout must comply with the site’s content as well as the central idea, must take their own key words written into the title, or the others search your keywords can not find you, the web site of the title of a limited number of love Shanghai can only display 30 characters (including sensitive), so you must put the words in the title in 30 words before. (2) the layout of the site keywords must be reasonably clean, can give users get recognition for website optimization on the vision, have a good help. (3) description is crucial, description is an overview of the entire site is your site in Shanghai love to retrieve the show directory website, the website must have a concise description of the web site keywords, a central idea of not little also of course website inside.

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