The first half of the old station station to share real home page ranking in a month

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I made a website in the first half, but the ranking has not been up for half a year. After six months of exploration I finally found in just one month, the website keywords love Shanghai home, slowly set up weight. This is my real real station experience, to share with everyone here. What events are going to insist, Shanghai dragon in this row is like this, need to succeed, but the most important to find the right direction. A month ago I (for seborrheic alopecia) too sad, because the weight is not even half a year, every day to update the article and the chain, but still get good rankings, you can see the old domain, not false. But now the rankings and weight is also up, key words ranking home page, as shown in figure

my article was not written by myself, I asked the net written articles, but the article also spend money to buy back. I update the article before 10 in the morning, some time ago I found in a large number of problems. There are a lot of repetition, the I am in a hurry, there is no way I continue with my net communication, personally check the quality, adhere to their own update. The website of the quality checks, the better the quality, the customer experience will improve, but also improve the website ranking of a big weapon.

.See from the picture

, a chain of reasonThe main factors of the

, three Links reasonsThe


ranking is really good, the index is relatively large, is a popular word. In just a month how I let this page ranking. Now I find what the reason is, the reason why low weight and ranking is not good. Out of three reasons.


chain, the Shanghai dragon tool can check and record the chain growth. The chain stability is accounted for a large factor, and steady growth, do not use sending a massive increase in the chain, this will be the search engine that is cheating, after the discovery of serious punishment. The high quality of the chain is very important, some time ago I tried A5, in writing, it does bring the high quality chain. High quality forum promotion chain, it would be better, so is this station chain operation, you can see the effect of two weeks.

Links is up in the last month, the day is not too much or too little. Insist on a Links every day on the line, and then from the relationship Links hands, especially good Links. Take oral "work" to do, Links patience. Before I do Links collapsed many problems, often standing friends discrimination. I see a lot of Shanghai dragon ER Links, a bit arrogant thinks his site is great, Shanghai dragon brother thinks Shanghai Longfeng food in this line, learn from each other in the industry. You must not discriminate against the station, the Links is low-key, do so, a station is good, do not have to see the PR value of these things.

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