The nternet is a rookie how to beat love Shanghai in 25 days

1, just to pick up station adjustment: station home page and list of news title, keywords layout and a simple adjustment, as simple as possible.

in the following days, I began to love Shanghai alone research search engine research, someone may ask you master? As the person in charge of the Information Department of the company network optimization, every day he can communicate with me in less than 1 hours, the rest of the 10 or 20 hours I can alone to work. Of course, the work content is very substantial, because my teacher in order to achieve the effect of ranking, for me every day of the work arrangement is three times the amount of others. During this period of time was also I think I was from birth to today, feel the most meaningful period of time.

Yang Fan took these 25 days there is a step by step how to work out the Internet people love and memories to share, hope to be able to help:

3, special love >

at this time, the site from the site to build the station optimization, filling, with the chain, resource station to ranking rose, let me master the entire website optimization process. Also let me know how to do a challenge alone thing is how interesting. When do is optimize Shanghai cleaning, optimization is required a total of 5 words, 25 days, only 25 days. Just a touch of Shanghai Longfeng people with just 25 days to capture the love of Shanghai mountain, the 3 key words to love Shanghai home, 2 words on page second. In these 25 days, update the article, I do not stop stop the chain, keep in check, even during the third week of the 7 days inside the rest only 21 hours a day, an average of 3 hours. Fortunately, have received the blessing of God, to reap the benefits. These 25 days of pay not only let me beat the stakes of the opponent, also beat the ranking mechanism to love Shanghai, let me happy is I beat myself, this also let I love the Internet, love the Shanghai dragon.


for the first week The following

September 10, 2009, the first contact with the search engine optimization in this industry, with a little ignorant, curious and excited to begin his career in Shanghai dragon er. Fortunately, it can be said that unfortunately. Because I between the two CEOs bet unexpected became one of them’s apprentice, and began to love Shanghai search engine optimization research. At that time, the Shanghai Chinese sex because few optimization, and I is an Internet company in Shanghai has not involved in this effort. So, obviously I become the mouse, "".


2, add news website products: adjusted first station add 200 news website, the expansion of the internal architecture is late every day add 5-20 news. Then is the problem in station, the product will only add a. If possible a little more.

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