The search engines determine the page keyword

Keywords: distribution of

first, the more the number of words appear, also is the higher the frequency, the more page associated with this keyword, but now the search engine algorithm has been more complicated, many webmaster think that raising the keyword density, here Xiao stressed that deliberately not to increase the density of keywords, too far excessive accumulation, target keywords, search engine will think is cheating, then The loss outweighs the gain.. Keywords appear to be natural, since we are at a point to do optimization, will make some changes to the page, when the key words appear. And in the important place.

page to do is "electric business circle" and then appear on the page, electricity providers, e-commerce, and similar related words also search engine keyword analysis across a. For example, the page keyword is "computer", when the page computer search engines that they attributed to a class of search engines, have their own vocabulary, "

General requirements

secondThe distribution of

The value distribution of the

keyword appears in the former 50-100, in the label to the row in front.

keyword densityThe For example, a

search engine keyword by recording the keywords in the page appears in the position to calculate the page, so as to obtain the relationship between the keyword distribution and page. If the keyword "electric business circle" at the top of the page, the key distribution value is 50, while in the bottom, keyword distribution value is 10, then the keyword "electric business circle" also appeared in the top and bottom of the page, the page keyword distribution value is 60.

: the first

keyword density is simply a percentage of total number of keywords and page visible, in fact this does not require the webmaster to calculate, many tools can provide the query, as shown in figure

That the search engine algorithm

third: the keyword proximity semantic analysis

a few days ago in the group of friends asked me, the search engine is how to judge a page is what the word, why is this word ranking on this page, the page is not in the other ranking. In fact, this involves an algorithm of search engine, an assessment is the key words and pages related to the said algorithm many people on the first, the algorithm is an intangible, invisible, and constantly changing, ZAC a word, standing in the search engine’s perspective all of the algorithms is a natural thing, we stand today in the search engine’s point of view, come from the following several aspects to look at the correlation search engine how to interpret a keyword and page.

keyword positions, an important factor is the evaluation of the page keywords, keyword distribution refers to the keywords in the page appears in the key position, different position within the page there will bring a certain impact on the relevance of the page.

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