To improve medical websites from the content of credit

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for the medical site, because of the limitations and their professional knowledge, often some common editing for those professional terms and medical knowledge does not understand, but they have every day trying to find the content to update the site, therefore, they are often looking for some kind of site, as long as I see with their related content we first collected over again, because we do not these people of doctors and nurses, it is normal to understand those symptoms and diseases such as some of the reasons, but for a full-time medical editor, understand the list must be responsible for your own site of disease, otherwise you would not the correct information is presented to the user. Shanghai dragon A5 diagnosis and optimization is found in this kind of site to do at the time of diagnosis, there are some wrong information on many websites, and even other hospital name therapy more are copied directly to their own website, which makes users not in advertising to others, and it will also let users do you think the site is not reliable, even therapy are others home, therefore, medical websites do not collect information everywhere released directly on their website.

, a collection of information directly

for some professional medical editor, must be at the same time in the acquisition of others content can have their own ideas, rather than simply put other people’s title changed a few words on the matter, or the website appeared in another hospital with the name of therapy to drop, and then look at what is not the error message even if done, released to their site, A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and Optimization for diagnostic found many web sites do, very poor user experience. Therefore, for editing professional medical class >

of the site medical credit is crucial, it is not only related to the charge of the station of Shanghai dragon and editors treatment is also related to the profitability of the hospital, although the hospital should be life-saving, should belong to the public welfare, but private hospitals and small clinics more and more individuals, the competition is more and more big, now, it is the network information age, even if your medicine is good, if no one knows in vain, so now there are more and more medical sites, the competition is not to say, actually this is Shanghai Longfeng practitioners of the competition, every webmaster want to own a website good rankings, but for the medical site light ranking is not enough, the user experience must be good, your own website to let the user can trust it Therefore, this requires the webmaster to consider all aspects of the site, improve the credit, but A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) from the usual diagnosis of the medical website found that such sites have a common problem, often ignored the most important thing, that is the content of the website here, to talk about how to improve the content of medical websites from credit.


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