When the entire industry is no longer the original content how we do in Shanghai Dragon



The fact that The

1. website is not limited to Shanghai dragon, can do website promotion. Popular website search engine will get more attention. The site construction through the promotion of appropriate methods.

You can also check their similarity of

web page through the web site 贵族宝贝webconfs贵族宝贝/similar-page-checker.php. The similarity algorithm and the algorithm of the love of Shanghai may not be the same. But the 27% is similar for the two different web pages, it has been great. We are not sure to fall in love with their own algorithm to get the similarity of Haitong this two page will be higher. But this is my pick of the two ".

moved to a new forum, after the collection of a few pages, included page will not increase, so will the open log analysis. Found the love from Shanghai spiders are frequent, carefully check the IP section of the spider, found the IP section of the representative is to grab the inner surface of the spider included, the website weight is low, climb over the pages but soon put out, because it is not the original, or collected articles.

, the industry of Shanghai dragon could not have the original article. Because Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is that, no matter how original, its core, form is also similar.

and one of the original articles by all moved out of the area. That page is still the IP section of the multi address access. I wonder. Out of an article "keyword competition more specific analysis". From the love of Shanghai "search keyword competition" to find relevant results. Just select the number of pages tested their similarity. Touched by the original "competitive analysis" keywords and love Shanghai search related results in more than 20% of the basic similarity. One of the highest similarity reached 27%.

moved more wonder, because the early forum in construction, most of them are moved by their own original articles and some friends to share the mood. The original can be guaranteed.

when a degree of competition in the industry to a certain extent, there is no innovation is difficult to have the original. This is a weight high site, especially the new station is very deadly. How do we face such a situation? Moved forward three suggestions for you:

. Some time ago a friend asked me, why always at his website second days included all K off all the pages. I suggest he original. But friends said the original is the same. Look at his website, this website is Taobao brush drill. I just read a few articles, which means almost all. It seems that the brush drill method, those rules.

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