The website page down the right way to avoid crises difficult to learn

in fact, so the construction of the chain itself looks very simple, but when you actually do it is not simple, no matter from the content of the construction or the construction of the chain, or is the problem of updating frequency, is a long-term process, and insist on the process is very difficult to see improvement in most cases the website, so many of these operations of the webmaster friends will fall in the dawn will come to a moment ago. "

second to pay attention to the content of the frequency of updates, many people will not want to update the original content that what on what time update it, but in fact because of love love Shanghai Shanghai algorithm updates to the site every day the spider crawling number is not much, unless special weight high site, will be able to reach the second, but those the inside pages of low quality sites, the number of spiders crawl certainly is very low, the original content updated without rules, it is easy to make you think spider update did not complete, plus some original content will be a competitor of plagiarism, will greatly reduce the effect of the original content.

first to enhance the content of the original, original content will naturally be love Shanghai’s favor, also can get higher weight, but in the original problem, for webmasters to note is not simple as the original and the original, should pay attention to the correlation of original content and website. On the other hand we should pay attention to the readability of the original content, only from the original web page number increasing by these two aspects, can effectively avoid the risk of the page is down right.

with love Shanghai algorithm innovation, for many web sites is a nightmare, because before the operation of good site, overnight became not ranked in the Internet freely wandering souls, leisurely wandering, it is difficult to find the user login, this site is actually standing dead the worthy of the name. In addition there are some web page ranking is still, but the inside pages of the rankings basically no, this website although not immediately will die, but with the extension of time, not only the inside pages can not be brought to the site target user, the home page ranking at any time lost will become inevitable.

third is to pay attention to the construction of natural inside and outside the chain chain, including the page, as long as the relevant content should be done within the chain, such as the Shanghai encyclopedia entries on love have linked many related terms, this way can effectively enhance the user experience, on the other hand, the construction of the chain. We should pay more attention to the correlation of the chain, the chain has only certain correlation to transfer weight better, it can be considered to be outside the chain of love Shanghai qualified, and gives some weight.

so how to avoid such risks? It is actually very simple, the inside pages are right down, the reason basically is the poor quality of content, the content is not enough, just some pictures and other content, which is in the enterprise body performance is more obvious, so if you want to change the web page right down the problem, we must start from these two reasons.

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