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above place is that we should pay attention to where we want to test what page is to enter the path into it, and then test, there will be two results after the test, a Netcom speed, a telecommunications network. The two speed as long as more than 85 points, your website speed has been quite good, of course, this website is through some optimization, so the speed is good. Netcom and Telecom are two independent data, this depends on our customers in one place. In general the southern Telecom more north with Netcom more, so if your customers in the south, so your site Netcom test speed must be very fast, but the speed of telecommunications, as long as it is not too bad, but also can. But I am the website speed more stringent requirements, requirements of Netcom and Telecom will open soon, mainly because of our special Hubei Chengli Automobile Co. Ltd. customers throughout the country, in order to ensure that customers around the country are able to open soon, we use the double air, so the speed is quite fast. The speed of the site is the most basic user experience, if you open the space is too slow, will direct loss of many users, so the website speed of diagnosis is that we do the statistics of the first to test the content of. If your space or server speed suck, you do other Shanghai Dragon Well, your ranking is also the clouds, please replace it.


1. installation statistics in Shanghai after the first thing to do is to diagnose the site speed. The speed of the site diagnosis also pay attention to, general recommendations for you in the morning 9 points to 11 points in the diagnosis, because at this time is the peak of the user, so this time to test website speed is very accurate. Of course, the website speed is not a test of OK, to be tested in the user peak time every day. In order to enhance the readability of the article, in this example:

is the official statistics of Shanghai statistical tools love love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics function is very powerful, so we should always use data analysis statistics for love in Shanghai, on site examination. I love Shanghai Statistics website optimization is an essential tool for specific installation method please do according to the installation requirements. The following several commonly used statistical tools to love Shanghai for you:

The first thing we love in the


for my company’s Web site, the main entrance is the search for love Shanghai, followed by Google. Of course, this is probably the common site, after all, Google has withdrawn from the Chinese server, often not open, so we mainly pay attention to love Shanghai. The second is to look at the search term, the data from the above analysis can be drawn, frequency > user search keywords of the Hubei Cheng Li

More than

2. search terms for user search habits. Love Shanghai statistics of the user within 30 days of the entrance and search word statistics, we can get some valuable information from which reasonable adjustments to the site.

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