Zhu Zerong how effectively the development of an unprecedented scale in Shanghai dragon market

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Zhu said: three.

three is the development of norms to guide the Shanghai dragon, and build the integration of a new stage. We will be initiated by Shanghai Longfeng Zhuo Zhuo school, department management rating system project management rating system, Shanghai Longfeng Zhuo school Shanghai Longfeng Posts level certification training system model, help enterprises to quickly organize personnel of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng department and Shanghai Longfeng team, recruiting suitable, issued by the "Shanghai dragon occupation Outlook Handbook" and Shanghai Longfeng market monitoring data and report by starting small, "Zhuo global Shanghai dragon history" entries included work, to speed up the development process of Shanghai dragon occupation, Zhuo Zhuo school classroom and telecommunications will also undertake Shanghai Longfeng training, Shanghai Phoenix News reports two functions, from the aspects of media training activities, management system, project bidding, industry guidance, full network, integrated, creating a Shanghai Dragon The new world of the Phoenix, give new opportunities to Shanghai dragon in the future, to create a new way of life in Shanghai dragon." (author: Li Yunlu)

two is Shanghai dragon field fresh things will emerge in an endless stream. New activities, new tools, new working methods, the large area came to hitherto unknown new characters, so that the entire Internet to make revolutionary creativity be startled at, at least from Shanghai dragon industry foundation, the field and then to the entire Internet industry in depth spread, creation is happy, "a new" is what we want to do things don’t, whatever, making or losing money, success or failure, these are not important, we failed again! Will let you in here, love it, live it, is the key to do things is always more important than money."

asked the management scientists, Zhuo management academy dean Zhu Zerong, how to quickly and effectively develop the domestic market in Shanghai Longfeng, specific measures that


is a "Shanghai dragon must be in line with international standards, but also to use than the United States new Shanghai dragon concept to guide the Shanghai dragon market, such as the forthcoming publication" Shanghai Phoenix Weekly "Zhuo, has made it clear that at least 30% columnist, must be the United States and Canada, Germany, Britain and other countries Shanghai Longfeng expert. The key is to see how they do business for small and medium enterprises, the domestic good articles, also need to arrange translation, a large area of SCI citation index, to the foreign professional website of Shanghai Longfeng feeds, especially to lay the highest point in the academic and applied value, how miraculous development to let foreigners see from China the Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon Chinese market can be called"

dream, Zhuo school. Shanghai Zhuo Longfeng club two group: 121419086 group: 60873541.

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